FLoC away from Chrome!

Well isn't this the ugliest site you've ever visited?

Wait, why am I here?

The website you WANTED to visit redirected you here.

The website owners noticed you were using Google Chrome, and don't support that browser anymore.

Why? Google Chrome has become a slimy browser that doesn't respect it's users privacy. Look up "FLoC" some time.

But why this website? Why not just opt out?

Ha! The illusion of choice!

Every Chrome user is opted in by default, and likely has no idea it's happening. Burried miles deep in the TOS.

Some website owners think the best strategy is to opt their websites out of FLoC by attaching a header.

Next year there'll be another header you need to add. Another box to untick as a user. More hoops to jump through.

And really, it doesn't matter. Opting out is just like the "do not track" flag. You're just saying, "pretty please", at Google's mercy.

The website owner decided to take a stand, and send Chrome users here.

So what do I need to do to get back to my website?

Stop using Google Chrome, and install another browser.

Which one? Don't even care. Internet Explorer 6 is better at this point.

That's unreasonable! I'll just go to another site, then!

Google has already shown that if they want to delete a website from the internet, they can, and will.

This is not a power we should trust them with.

So go ahead, visit another site.

In the mean time, Google will continue to consume the web, until hosting websites itself is dependent on their blessing.

You're crazy! Google won't do that!

You ever tried to run a mailserver that doesn't get blackholed by GMail's spam filter?

Anyways, I've rambled on long enough. Have a nice day.

I want to help!

I don't know, redirect users here, I guess? Probably won't accomplish much. Google is too convenient.

Anyways, I don't know how to run a webserver. (Or as you can see, design a website.) Redirecting people here is probably a dumb idea.

Sorry I can't help.